Are Straps Important for the Ironing Board Cover?

No matter how much you may be enjoying ironing or how tight the cover on the ironing board may be, you still end up with some wrinkles on your clothes. Holding tight the cover of the ironing board is almost mission impossible so you’re looking around for the tricks and tips to follow so that the results you get when ironing are as planned.

What are the straps?

If you ever looked on the back of your ironing board, you may have noticed some straps. Sometimes they keep the cover tight enough so the clothes are wrinkles-free when you’re done with ironing. On the other hand, you may also find yourself in the situation when nothing seems to hold the cover of the ironing board tighten enough for the wrinkle-free results.

Most of the straps out there are made of elastic band and they’re made to hold the ironing board cover secure and in place throughout the ironing. No matter how great the elastic band of the cover was in the beginning, frequent washes may lower its resilience, so the strap becomes useless at some point.

The quality varies and here are some important things that count for a good quality strap:

  • They are easy to use.

You only need to clip onto each side of your cover. If the elastic is too long, you may simply place diagonal across bottom, getting a crisscross pattern. You shouldn’t have any problems when attaching them either.

  • They come in set

Most of the straps out there come in set of 3 or 4, variously sized. This way, you may hold the ironing board cover in various places, using the right size of strap for the various widths.

  • They hold secure

You want the clips on the straps go be made of strong metal so that they keep in place the ironing board cover.

  • The elastic band is high quality

It’s important for the straps that the elastic is good quality, able to maintain its flexibility even after long time use.

  • They’re easy to clean

Even though they are made of polyester and elastodiene, it’s important that they’re also washable.

  • Their clips are strong

The clips on the straps are also important. You want them to be strong enough to hold the cover, yet to remain easy to attach/detach. You don’t want to put much muscle into clipping them, but you want the cover to stay in place.

Most of the good clips are made of steel and have a “sure-grip” at each end.

  • They’re versatile

No matter how much you’re paying for it, you want the set of straps to hold your ironing board cover. This means it should come with all the sizes that you need for tightening the cover.

Final thought

Even if you never thought about it, the lack of some good straps on your ironing board cover may be the reason for which your clothes aren’t wrinkle-free after you ironed them. Just yet…