Safe Ironing Around Kids

Kids of all ages, especially the little ones, are very curious and really like the adventure of discovering their surroundings. This may also include touching an iron, especially because it’s hard to tell when an iron is hot.

Here are some safety tips and products that you may use for keeping your kid nice and safe around the hot machines, iron including.

  • The iron guard

This is one little device that you can use when storing a hot iron right after you’ve used it.

  • The ironing centers

You may store your ironing board and your hot iron in there right after you’re done with your ironing.

These are just some of the many products out there that are designed for increasing your child’s safety when ironing.

There are also some things for you to do it for keeping him/her safe:

  • Try not to use hot appliances when your little ones are around you
  • Don’t let your kids use the iron
  • Make sure the cords are out of the reach of children
  • Unplug the iron the second you’re done with it, placing it away from your kids.
  • You shouldn’t iron on the floor or on the bed as you can make the iron easy to reach by your kid.
  • Always make sure that the ironing board is stable when you’re using it. You never want it to trip over your little one
  • Try to fold the ironing board and store it away when you’re done with ironing
  • You may simply want to get a cordless iron so that there’s not cord wrapping around the iron or for your kid to play with
  • Check to see if the cord has any breakage or dampness
  • Get an iron with automatic shut-off or an alert system when it’s left idle for more than a couple of minutes
  • Store your curler/straightener in a dry and cool area
  • Never stay close to the bath tub, running show nor the sink while using the hair curler/straightener
  • It’s a good idea to use only the low temperature on your hair appliances as they give great results like that too
  • Let the curler/hair straightener to cool down away from your children. The hair appliances may be hot for quite some time.

How to handle burns

Should an accident happen around the ironing board, it’s good to know a thing or two about the burns. There are three main categories: first, second and third degree, depending on how bad the skin is burned.

A hot iron or a hair straightener may cause each of the three types of burns and it’s important to recognize them in order to address them well.

No matter the type though, you should start by lowering the temperature of the burned area for lowering the damage to the skin and the underlying tissues.

Should your kid get burned, First Aid is crucial and every second is important. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Cool the scald right away in some cool running water for 20 minutes. You’re not only calming your kid like this, but you’re also minimizing the risk for scarring and on-going medical attention
  • Get to the doctor
  • Never use oil, butter, ice, soy sauce or any ointments as they may cause greater damage to the skin
  • Keep your kid warm using a blanket
  • The further the burn goes into the skin, the less painful the burn is
  • The contact burns from hair irons and irons are a common cause of injury for kids younger than 6. Most of the time, they’re quite severe and need medical treatment


Always make sure there are not hot irons around your kid, nor ironing board either. Better safe than sorry is the rule to follow all the time.